Learning Designer, Designing Learning

Measuring ROI can be difficult.  How do you know if your solution will really meet your organization’s need?  Will the learners be responsive to your solution? Can the culture of the company change and how do you ensure that your employees follow suit?

I specialize in identifying performance problems, apply strategic interventions, and creating solutions that produce results.  


You've identified a solution but now need to create content. Creating a flow, storyboard, or rough outline is my specialty.


Determining the training solution requires practice, skill, and a thorough analysis of the problem with a clearly identified outcome. Anyone can design a pretty picture, but it takes a pro to find the right problem and pair it with a solution.


The objectives are clear, the solution is perfect, and the medium has been selected. By far my favorite part of the process, creating great graphics and interactions that meet and engage learners.


A systematic approach to ensuring that all users' needs are met and the training matches the desired outcome.


How do you know if the training produced the desired effect? Measuring ROI is difficult, but approaching it systematically early in the process makes it simple. It all begins with a clear learning objective which drives the performance



Instructional Design

Single module, redesign, or building a course from scratch? No problem.

Graphic Design

Vectors, animations, backgrounds, banners, splash videos, and more.

eLearning Solutions

I provide many solutions. Responsive, branching, animations? No problem


Email: sustaitamatt@gmail.com
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