How to Build Your Portfolio, with Strict Time Constraints

Alright, we all get it, anybody who has been in Instructional Design (ID), graphic design, or in any art-related industry understands the importance of creating a portfolio.  If your schedule is anything like mine then you know how difficult it is to juggle a full-time job, Subject Matter Expert (SME) meetings, communicate with stake holders, finish multiple projects, teach and tutor students, and still have energy to go home and give to the family.

Needless to say, a typical day requires a lot of energy.  Unfortunately, if you want to make it in an art-designated field, you have to put in work outside of the 40-50 hour work week.  Here is a little strategy that has been helping me push my creative boundaries, but still gives me time to create a romantic Valentine’s Day plan for my wife.


A simple concept, that can be executed with relative alacrity.  Microlearning is a way of teaching or delivering content to learners in small, bite-sized chunks.For instance, do you really need to develop a whole module on every work-related tasks?  Why not just create content for the one behavior, or learning outcome, that you are looking for your learners to implement and leave it at that?  The philosophy behind microlearning is as simple as that!  Take time to create a 4-minute video illustrating how to complete a simple task, edit for clarity, and viola’ you have a new piece for your portfolio!

Check out John Eades 5 Microlearning Commandments To Create Your Own Microlearning, and feel free to check out an example I made for my staff.

Can you guess the target behavior or learning outcome?

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