Improve Social Skills in Youth

  • Client: Personal Project- Master’s Synethesis
  • Made With: Storyline 2, Camtasia-video editting
  • Time in Development: 12 hours, if we add in the ADDIE process and my 40-page write up, then about +45 hours.

My Master’s in Education required me to solve a problem and add resources to the world of Special Education.  Saint Mary’s required that I write a traditional 5 chapter synthesis paper that highlighted the problem, previous research, a proposal, how it would be implemented, and the results.  The paper is thorough, but don’t bother getting bogged down in the academic requirements or details.

During the 1-2 years of writing this paper, I stumbled across eLearning and thought to myself, “Why am I telling professionals what to do when I can help them make their own choices and lead them to the outcome they want?”  I know, like myself, many academic professionals mean well, but they don’t always make decisions based on facts and research.

This project was create to place a professional in the driver’s seat of a teacher seeking to help their student with autism be involved in the school community.  So strap in, click around, and see what research says about supporting these kiddos in a school environment.

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