Social Games, Build Company Cohesion


Client: Personal Project
Made With: Articulate Storyline 2 and 360 , template from eLearningheroes
Time in Development: 30 minutes

I’ll be the first to admit, I love games.  They are a great way to veg out after a long day, enjoy time spent in another world, and immerse yourself in an adventure.  Well, this game doesn’t quite meet my single player requirements of relaxation, but it does allow me to practice some skills or reinforce knowledge about my site staff.

My team used this for the students we serve as a means for incorporating them into our world.  We took time to get to know our “learners” in a more intricate way than just in a classroom, polished behavior, kind of setting.  We also allowed them to get to know us.

Possible Uses
  • As an introduction to the class.
  • An exit ticket.
  • A learning tool!  Have the learners supply one category each with 5 questions and then everyone gets to play in teams or pairs.

Click to play Pine Valley Middle School’s Jeopardy game, and feel free to use the host link to make your own.


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