Incorporate Technology into Training

Lets face it, we have all been to a training session, or two, that went a little something like this; trainer speaks the entire time showing illustration after illustration about their topic.  They are obviously masters at their trade, but after a while it seems like an adult from Charlie Brown, “wah wah wah” and even the face begins to blur out a bit.Or perhaps you’ve been to a training where the expert is enthusiastic and full of life, but their jargon becomes so intense after 3 hours of lecture that your brain begins to feel mushy and useless. In order to be an effective, and engaging, training session it is imperative that your learners are engaged, right?  So the issue that boggles all trainers minds is this; how do I engage my listeners and keep them that way? One simple strategy that I’ve learned is the appropriate use of technology.  Lets face it, my listeners would rather be on their device than listen to me, unless they paid quite a bit of money to hear me speak. Here are a few pieces of technology that I’ve used as I train adult and children alike.


Want a fun learning tool, that allows the learner to gawk intently at their screen, but still be involved in the learning process?  Kahoot blends multiple-choice options with visual graphics in a simple-to-design format.  Want to include pictures?  Video?  Multiple correct responses with opportunities for direct feedback from the instructor and analytics!?  Kahoot has you covered.


Perhaps my first taste in what may be considered an eLearning tool.  Nearpod puts the user in control of the content and learning pathway.  As an instructor, I can design the material that I want to display, chopped full of illustrations, videos, maps, and simple navigation tools.  While those features are not unique to Nearpod, there are many others that make this tool shine.  My personal favorite is the incorporation of questions; multiple choice and short answer, polls, collaboration (a new feature I have yet to experience), but my all time favorite- drawings!  Why have your learner type out their responses, when you can stimulate their inner designer?  Lastly, as a facilitator, you can set Nearpod to play as an entire class, or set it up so the individual can move on at their own pace, however slow or fast they desire!

Explain Everything

Why speak when you can show!?  Research has shown the impact of drawing out your ideas and concepts on paper, but by providing information to your learners in real time and illustrate your concepts you can improve comprehension of the material.  If you wanted to include the audience in the process, have them visualize and create based on your training tool.  Try to incorporate “good” and “bad” examples of how to solve an issue, but encourage them to draw using this free tool.  Download this whiteboard to get started on your visual lessons.
Keep your learners engaged with these simple tools. The price is simple, free! Give them something to do immediately before training is over, with this in mind, who doesn’t have the ability to afford these awesome products?
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