Use Stats to Help Boost Your Freelance Career

After reading Zachary Lukasiewicz’s article on increasing sales efficiency via use of statistics, it dawned on me that these facts do not just apply to the sales world, but can share valuable lessons and insights for independent freelancers.  Below are a list of his shocking facts, with freelance application.

#1 Voice Mail

Tired of calling prospective clients and feeling like it is a waste of time?  According to RingLead, “80% of calls go straight to voice mail and 90% of first time calls are never returned.”  This shows that you are not alone in your endeavor.  Make multiple calls, but be sure to keep the voicemail terse, concise, and to the point.  Optimal voicemails fall between 8 and 14 seconds (The Sales Hunter), after that the listener may become disengaged and there goes your prospective client.

stocksnap_bs14hroxh6#2 Phone Calls

Communication is key to your position, and if you hold a remote career, then chances are that much of your teamwork is completed over the phone.  Keep your voice calm, steady, and pleasant.  After all, 86% of communication over the phone is in your tone (Contact Point), meaning it is vital if you want to click with that teammate.


#3 Social Media

Are you aware of this highly untapped market?  Neither was I, but according to Ken Krogan, only 5% of business to business sales are considered to form a lead.  This means that websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest (to some extent) are vital resources that may put you in a new field of contract possibilities.  If you already have a Twitter account, make sure that you take advantage of the peak tweek hours, between 8am-10am, and during the relaxed lunch hour from 1pm-3pm.  Is Linkedin your main tool, be sure to update your blog, website, or account during typical work hours to maximize the amount of people who view your material.
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