So...What Do I Do?


Do you have great ideas but aren't sure how to pull them off? Do you know if it will make the change you want to see? My systematic approach to design will ensure your learner's needs are met and the objectives are achieved.

Graphic Design

I create my own animations and graphics using a variety of tools. Do you want a simple, elegant design? Are responsive animations a dream come true? Graphics don't make or break eLearning, but they sure do help.

Instructional Design

Learning Objectives? Scenarios? Dialogue? How do you create a great solution that will transfer knowledge, engage learners, and make the desired change? Let the experts do it for you.


Lets face it. Your legacy courses probably aren't up to par with today's standards. Its okay! Let the experts update, maintain, and recreate your old content. I provide ongoing support for existing and new projects.

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